2009 Family and Support Services

Fiscal Conference Training Materials

Please note:  You will need Adobe Reader to view the .PDF files and Microsoft PowerPoint or the
PowerPoint Viewer if you do not have the Microsoft Office Suite to view the presentations.  

Class Instructor Material
Fiscal Monitoring David Stafford .PDF Document
Governance Elise Mann     PowerPoint Presentation   .PDF Document 1     .PDF Document 2
Selecting an Auditor/Preparing for your A-133 Audit Gabriel Rodriguez PowerPoint Presentation
Write On! - Shortcuts To Clear and Precise Writing Anthony Allan .PDF Document 1     .PDF Document 2
Cost Allocation Collene Mendel PowerPoint Presentation 1  .PDF Document 1   .PDF Document 2
Fiscal Policies & Procedures Janet Johnson .PDF Document 1
Delegate Payments Houlin Li PowerPoint Presentation
Internal Controls Perry Davis PowerPoint Presentation 1     PowerPoint Presentation 2
MIS Best Practices Hani Mayzouni, David Del Campo PowerPoint Presentation
Human Resources Selection Debbie Mellinger n/a 
Panel on Best Practices Baronica Roberson n/a
Personal Finance in Today's Economy Bill Beck n/a
CORE Concepts - A Management Discussion Kenneth McGhee n/a
CCST La Tasha White, Jennifer Santana,
Robert Oshana
PowerPoint Presentation 1
City Span Sandra Han PowerPoint Presentation
DFSS Ex-Offender Walter Brown Jr. PowerPoint Presentation 1
Emergeny Shelter Grant Angela Smith n/a
Shared Governance Vanessa Rich, Elaine Parker n/a
WIA Budget Walter Brown Jr. PowerPoint Presentation
HMIS Jonathan Lam n/a
Fiscal Training Eligibility Policy Bryant Askew PowerPoint Presentation
Establishing a Fiscal Foundation Kenya Merritt PowerPoint Presentation
Head Start Fiscal Training Phuongy Nguyen .PDF Document 1  .PDF Document 2   
Head Start Non-Federal In-Kind John Hemming .PDF Document